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User Interface

Collecting rewards

The bot collects all types of boxes and rewards that it recognizes on the map.
If you only like to collect specific objects, you can refine the search.

NPC Killer

You can choose the NPC types you want to shoot in the settings and start the NPC killer in the Golem menu.
The precision of the algorithm is unique!

Auto-Repair, Auto-Reconnect and Auto-Login

When your ship has been shot down, the bot automatically revives it and repairs your ship!
You can also set a Hitpoint limit for the Auto-Repair or activate Auto-Login to start the bot when botting your PC.

War features while gaming

You can also use the bot-window to play the game by yourself!
With the Golem you are able to Auto-Lock the closest player or NPC with the Hotkeys 'F3' and 'F2'!

Countless options

The bot flees and jumps automatically if there is an enemy around or someone shoots you.
It can also use your ship abilities (Useful if you own an Aegis ship for instance).
You can let the bot build up your Skylab and/or activate the Rocket Precision builder.

GalaxyGate / BonusMap Bot

The bot is able to finish your alpha/beta/gamma Galaxy Gates (DarkOrbit) and BonusMaps or Raidmaps (in Seafight)! Just jump into one in the Golem and start the Bot
It shoots each NPC down and repairs itself.

integrated Task System

To act like a human, you can set tasks.
For example 10 minutes collecting then 2 minutes pause, followed by 2 hours NPC killing.

Lots of game specific possibilities

Each of the games that Golem supports have a variety of features to choose from and its constantly increasing.

Additional Features

There is also an Auto-Updater, so you always have the most recent version and a Discord Chat to talk to other Golem Users.

Download Now

Works with Windows and Linux (wine). Here you get always the newest version.

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Created by iNk